Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I try not to make this blog too political. But two of my closest friends were devastated this morning, when we woke up to find that California Proposition 8, to strip away the right of gay couples to marry, had succeeded.

My very good friend Ryan Sas wrote this letter to his boyfriend, and I was so moved when he showed me, I felt it was important to share it with all of you. I have changed nothing but a few minor grammar corrections.

Don't give up. Please don't. I plead everyone who voted No onproposition 8 to not despair as the polls close in. As it stands we've made such gains in the opinion of California voters that it's foolish to give up.
When this started in may many doubted that we would last as the first polls showed our state against gay marriage. As the summer progressed we saw a shift in opinion from Yes to No. It was an exciting time. A time when I thought we had won.

Please click the "Read More" link below to continue reading. It's a short letter, and definitely worth the few moments it takes to read it.

Our mood changed when the lies began to come out, the Yes campaign knew that what better way to win then to sow the seeds of doubt in many of us. We questioned our Schools, and our faiths many of us fought battles deep within our souls.
As the time went on we saw polls up and down. We saw a military blitz run by the Yes on 8. And we persevered we confidently told our stories. We let everyone know that we will be hurt by this propositionand we are hurt today. At a time when giving up seems to easy we mustfight. Fight because there is nothing preventing our will. We've been through the darkest of nights and while that dawn might be farther off it is still there.
Last night we were given a new beacon of hope. Let president Obama nowlead us together in equality. Let his message of "Yes we can" resound in every individual. I would like to thank my peers who voted 2 to 1 against proposition 8. I would like to thank the mothers, fathers,sisters and any other family member for your support. We will fight and we will win.
The lessons of the past have gotten us to this point, we are fighting the good fair fight. In the past 8 years we've seen fear tactics used against us and they prevailed. Never fear as we are all known to grow. With messages of acceptance and love we can make even the coldest hearts melt. Yes we can do this, we can win this not with just the strength of our words but the strength of our hearts.
Equality is worth living for and equality is worth fighting for. Do not surrender, do not give up. There is too much momentum. I encourage each and everyone to begin spreading your word, your life. We make all the difference.

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