Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Rush Project

Yesterday my photo editor commissioned me to make a photo album to hold 50 photographs of A Midsummer Night's dream that she took a while back. It's rush becuase she needs it by the end of the week!

So considering the time crunch, I'm thinking about how to construct the book.

I would like to use a coptic stitch, exposed spine binding. I'll use cream, heavyweight drawing paper for the pages, medium purple cardstock for spine protectors, indigo linen for the covers, a pretty Florentine-style purple, yellow and white floral print for the endpages, probably light violet waxed thread for the binding... but what's tripping me up is how to attach the photos.

Her original idea was to put them in regular plastic page-protector style sleeves. I think that in a nice album like this, that would look exceedingly tacky.
So my idea was to slide the photos into translucent vellum windows - so just the very edges of the photos would be covered. Kind of like a translucent overmat window. That way I could glue the outside and bottom edges of the vellum windows to the pages so she could slip the photos into the windows from the top. My fiance thought that was much too complicated. He suggested cutting four slits in each page so she could just tuck in the corners of the photos and be done with it. I'm not sure that's a good idea.


The Duckpond said...

How about using either transparent old fashioned photo hinges, or alternatively cutting strips of transparent vellum and taping across the corners (just good quality glue on the parts of the strips that fix to the album page, of course - not the photo itself).

Kiley said...

I used transparent photo corners for my wedding album and I like the way it turned out.

I have the same aversion to plastic photo pages in nicely bound albums. Why people are so attached to those I'll never figure out....

Iris @ Pied Crow Press said...

Hm - great ideas! Thanks, guys! I hadn't thought of transparent photo corners. That would certainly look much better than glossy, tacky plastic.
Perhaps I will pose the idea to her and see what she thinks. I really hope she doesn't insist on plastic sleeves.