Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unexpectedly good week!

At least in the Etsy world. I sold three journals, three of my very favorites, too. Although it's nice to sell them (very nice - cause I'm broke and am running out of paper!) it is always sad to see them depart for their new homes. I wrap them up very nicely in their best outfits, with tissue paper and ribbon and lovely tags, but I still feel a bit like a mother sending her babies out into the world. I do hope their new owner loves them as much as I do. I'm sure she will. 

Awhile back I made this little journal, my very first try at coptic headbands. 

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You will notice, if you are self-taught like me, that there is not one tutorial on coptic headbands anywhere on the web. Not even in google book search! So I had to teach myself, and I am rather proud of the result. 
However, one of the ends got pulled too tight, so there's a bit out of place, and somehow the journal picked up a few dark stains on one cover, so it's a just-for-me journal. But I love the color scheme and the cool wrinkly wave-paper so much that I'm sure I'll be doing another for the Etsy shop. 
Anyway, for you budding book-binders, here's what helped me learn. 
These are a couple of great close-up photos of the headbands, where you can sort of make out what the process might be like.

But this photo was absolutely instrumental. This was the key for me, to figuring out how the stitch is worked.

So have a look at these, and in a day or two I'll be doing another of these and I'll do a step-by-step on how it's done. Or at least, how I do it. Best of luck to you. :)


Kiley said...

Congrats! I've actually had a very good week as well.

Maybe there is a back to school book rush?!

Joe said...

Haha, I don't know - it could be for back to school. It's nice though, having fewer books in the shop really motivates me to make more.

Kiley said...

It's true. However I never seem to make it past 15 items in my shop. I get caught up in everything else.