Friday, August 22, 2008

New projects, new materials. Very exciting!
I put up a lizard-skin journal in the Etsy shop the other day, and although it hasn't received too many views or any hearts for that matter, I'm just so excited about working with reptile skin. I just got a new pack in the mail. :D They're all by-product scraps, but many have really gorgeous patterning and I can't wait to make more journals with them.

First, however, I have two hardbound projects in linen to finish. One field journal with an integrated linen-covered box around it, and these tiny little triplets: Only two by two inches. Very cute. I have this idea to make a box for them, perhaps with an envelope-style closure like my green moss journal in the last post. I haven't thought of the right box for them yet. Hmm.

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