Monday, October 13, 2008

Holiday Fairs


I just finished two hours of searching for local holiday craft fairs, with little to show for it. I emailed one person about an early November show, and there's a show here in my city in 2 weeks, but that's so soon! I'm worried I won't be ready. And they might be full already! 
There's so much information that it's really overwhelming. I mean, I'm not set up as a real business yet - so sales tax is a mystery, and what the devil is a California Seller's Certificate? They mention these things as if everyone will know about them. I'm so new to this! 
I might just have to wait until next year. 

Damn, it's so frustrating! 

Edit: At least I am looking into ordering some big boxes of paper for journal insides. I'm so tired of buying Strathmore drawing pads and cutting them up, then ending up with drawing pad bits that I'm unwilling to toss but unsure about what to make of them. So I went to the Paper Mill Store and found great prices. I ordered some sample packs, because it is oh-so-important for me to touch the paper and see how it takes ink and paint before buying it in bulk. 

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