Friday, October 31, 2008

This is how I feel this morning...

It's an old photo, from two years ago in the old house. But I do like it. I miss that west-facing bathroom window. In the afternoon it would carve a canyon of light into the bedroom. It was so nice, all that warmth reflecting off the white bathroom tile.

But now we have many more windows. Out which I see some clouds today! Yep, check that out - we might even get a little rain.

I'm thrilled - we need the rain so much. On our trip to the Eastern Sierras, it absolutely poured. I couldn't have been happier. A little wetness wouldn't hurt Simi Valley, either. Rain is so infrequent it makes me want to take out the mountain bikes and go play in the mud.

Aw, and there's the sun peeking out.  Curses. 

We carved pumpkins last night with our good friends Shauna and Jeremy, and their tiny new person Kira. Very cute, but my favorite thing about her is that she isn't mine. I get to wave goodbye to her little blue eyes at the end of the night. Joe and I have a strict No Babies Policy. I love other people's babies, but I don't want any of my own.

I'll post some pumpkin pictures later tonight or tomorrow. 

For now, this little guy is my very favorite Etsy pumpkin. 

And of course, my favorite Etsy Halloween card.

I guess it's those big eyeballs that get me. :)

So four days until the election, everyone. Who's excited (and terrified)? ME!

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