Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is The Day!

Election day, of course. It's the first one I've really, personally felt passionate about. First one I've been nervous about. I mean really nervous - butterflies in the tummy, nail-biting, obsessively poll-checking nervous. It's so close, I keep hearing. Obama's a bit ahead no matter how you add it up, but that only makes me more nervous. What about all the minorities, the first time voters, will they really show up? The long lines for early voting seem to be a sign of what we'll see tomorrow, and I wonder if they will have the stamina to wait for hours.
So much passion in this race. I think it's good for the country. We're finally seeing cracks in the grey plaster cast of apathy.

Well, in honor of Election Day, here are some of my Ety favorites. Such creativity!

If you're not super sick of Election Day swag already, click here to read the full post!

This is a classic - old school voter cool. From sellerheather, $3.

If you need something a little more modern, a little more hip, a little more... gangsta, this should do. From lilylu, $16.

Here's a cheerful, totally adorable way to support McCain. From mullishmuse, $13.

But (no pun intended) if you need a sexier political statement, these panties are perfect. From pantyline productions, $12.

Some people want to make a patriotic statement, but aren't willing to drop their pants to do so. Or they like to wear a cape and tights. Here you go. From columbina, $30.

These are just so fun. Perhaps you could project them onto a blank wall, some political light graffiti? Brilliant. From orangemoontoys, $24.

Having nightmares about hanging chads? Wondering whether to circle, punch, connect dots, draw lines, oh my! Make it easy on yourself. From moesewco, $15.

Had to mention this one - it's exactly how I feel! Perfect for all voters, red, purple or blue. From gallardoworks, $2.

Good luck and be safe on Election Day! And of course, VOTE!

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Kiley said...

God I know! I was at the gym with my trainer today at 5- the results were just starting to come in and it was Obama 3 McCain 8. We promised each other we wouldn't look until we were done.
After we finished I was on the EFX and my heart rate was going up and down with the change in numbers...

We popped the champagne tonight and are taking it all in.